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My Dogs and their Achievements

I currently own 7 dogs - Hayly, Ivy, Shelley, Chief, Lucky, Clyde and Gold. They will be with me for life. I love them first; and love doing agility with them second.

​Some of their achievements include the following:

  • Won 15 CCs (Championship Tickets) and 6 RCCs.
  • ​Won the Crufts British Open Championship, as well as both the Jumping and Agility Qualifiers.   
  • ​Qualified for Olympia ABC Semis, 1st in Olympia Novice Semis, 2nd in Olympia Novice Semis, 2nd in Olympia Novice Final, qualified for Olympia Senior Semi-Final and Final multiple times.
  • ​Won Scottish Dog of the Year and represented Scotland at Crufts in the International Agility & Jumping and Final, finishing 4th.
  • ​Competed at the European Opens multiple times representing Great Britain, including as Team Captain.
  • ​Competed at the World Agility Open multiple times representing Scotland and Great Britain. Won several individual events and won overall Bronze in the Biathlon at the World Agility Open.
  • ​Qualified for the Crufts Championship class multiple times and received places including 1sts, 2nds and 3rds in the qualifiers; finishing 2nd (RCC) and 4th in the final.
  • ​Qualified for Discover Dogs in the Mixi pairs several times.
  • ​Competed at the IFCS European Agility Championships multiple times, winning a Silver and two Bronze medals.
  • ​Competed at the International Mixed breed and Breed World Cup, IMCA, winning two Silver medals and a Bronze.
  • ​Won the ProPlan Novice Final.
  • ​Multiple 1sts and 2nds at the Kennel Club International Festival, including in the Nations Cup and British Open.
  • ​Qualified for the British Open and Singles events at Crufts.
  • ​Qualified for the Crufts Team event and finished 2nd with our team at Crufts.
  • ​Won the Animal Health Classic Final.

Me -  A Brief Bio

I grew up in Belgium where I went to the British School of Brussels. I then moved to the UK to go to Edinburgh University where I was awarded a first class MA. After a brief period living in Aberdeen doing proper jobs, the hobby I had started became my profession - I began training agility full time. At the end of 2013 I relocated from Aberdeen to Somerset in the south west of England. In 2015 Kim Loaring joined me and began training alongside me. In 2022 Kirsty Armistead joined us as well and now the three of us train alongside one another. 

Me - As a Trainer

I am a positive agility trainer. I try to train you and your dog in a way that contributes to you both feeling encouraged and enthused. I am a big believer in the power of knowledge and understanding. I think that the better you understand the how and why of agility, the easier it is to develop as a trainer and handler, and to apply what you learn across varying sequences and situations. When I train, I try to explain as I go along why I'm asking you to perform a specific behaviour and how it benefits you and your dog to carry out the behaviour in the way described. Rather than having a rigid, preconfigured attitude; I relish the opportunity to problem-solve and am flexible according to the partnership I am working with.

I am constantly evolving and updating my training and handling - time does not stand still and neither does agility... Learning and gaining new knowledge is fun. I am continually learning to improve by working with my own dogs, by working with or watching other partnerships, and by listening to the methods of other trainers. Whenever I come across something I discover can improve my handling or the way I train my dogs, I try to build this into the training I provide to help others. I believe it is critical not to become complacent, or to do things solely because that is how I have always done them before... instead, I try always to be alert to the possibility of learning and developing.

I train a huge variety of partnerships and am passionate about helping each person and dog in a highly specific, individual way.

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