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Agility Bible

This comprehensive new guide to everything agility was published in March 2020, written by Bonny Quick.

Agility Bible includes everything for agility lovers...from training your weaves to sophisticated jump exercises; from how to develop your mental game to building your relationship with your dog.

This is not a basic book. You won't be reading stuff you've read 100 times before. It's for you, the agility lover - even if you're competing at a high level already, there's more to think about and add to your routines!

"My favourite dog agility book by far!..."

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Chapter One
Is all about your dog's mind. How to get motivation, and rein in exuberance. How to establish a reward system, and why reinforcement is about more than the treats and toys you hand out.

Chapter Two 
Looks at your dog's body. Understand how your dog becomes an agility athlete, learn how to prevent injury and what to do in a proper warm up.

Chapter Three
Takes you through all the skills that will create your ideal agility partner - from recalls to stands to settling and verbal discrimination. This section is perfect for puppies and young dogs, as well as dogs new to the agility game.

Chapter Four
This is where we start to look seriously at agility skills, and how to get your skills past good and into phenomenal. 

Chapter Five
Before you get to the equipment, what can you do on the flat with a youngster? It's all in here.

Chapter Six
From pull through slices to rear cross wraps and germans - this is how you train each jump skill to world class level. 

Chapter Seven
Make your weaves weavetastic - teach amazing entries and get sensational independence with any dog, ready for championship competitions and beyond.

Chapter Eight
From stop contacts to running contacts, how should you go about training them? Find out here, plus lots of FAQs all about contact criteria, and how to fix it when it's gone wrong.

Chapter Nine
Be the best handler you could ever be for your dog. Learn how.

Chapter Ten
Get top tips on how to approach everything agility from training days to national and international competitions. 

Chapter Eleven
What about who you are? Does your mindset get in the way? Ever feel held back? You won't after reading this chapter.

Phew! I said it was comprehensive! And it's all in 192 beautifully glossy pages of a colourful book, published by First Stone Publishers, packed with diagrams and photos.

Easy to read but detailed enough to benefit even advanced agility handlers, this is one you can't afford to miss!

"My favourite dog agility book by far!..."

Read more reviews of the Agility Bible AND GET YOUR COPY by visiting the AMAZON listing here!