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Championship and World Class Sequencing

Get set to be pushed from where you are to where you want to be.

A comprehensive workbook of over 75 championship and world class sequences. These are the tests you need to train to challenge the very best.

Take on demanding discrimination. Work jumping sequences which require pinpoint accuracy at speed. Push your independent contact and weave skills to the limit.

There are shorter sequences. Plus there are full courses from National and International Championship Events, such as AWC and EO. Some course plans are even accompanied by links to videos of winning runs.

The book is ready for you in PDF form. So as soon as you buy your copy, you'll be able to get it on your computer, tablet or phone. Ideal for you to take it anywhere with you to access anytime.

Just to warn you: there’s no holding back in these sequences. Mastering them will make even the toughest competition course feel easy. One thing is for sure though – you will not be stuck for what to train again!


£24.99 - Championship and World Class Sequencing

This PDF workbook will be sent to the address supplied with your PayPal account, unless you contact me with an alternative address.

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