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Handle Effortlessly - Don't Think, Do!

In this video, Bonny delivers a clear step-by-step handling guide to learning the top 7 handling moves which make up the best of current agility.
You don't need any equipment to get the best out of this video. This is all about you, the handler. 

You'll get immediate access to around half an hour of outstanding-quality HD video footage which you can watch on your phone, laptop, ipad... wherever and whenever suits you.

Bonny leads you straightforwardly through:
- Front Crosses
- Blind Crosses
- Rear Crosses
- Ketschkers
- Pivots
- Serpentines
- Germans

Each piece of handling is clearly shown and explained, with demonstrations and specific exercises. Not only will you finally understand exactly what each move really is, but by following along, your body will pattern the most efficient way to carry out every one. You will finally find yourself doing all the moves like a pro!

Is it for me?

This is definitely for you if you answer yes to any of these questions...
- Do you sometimes have to consciously think about what you are doing to get your handling right?
- Are you new to some of the moves and need to get your head around them properly?
- Do you find you get your footwork wrong and it makes you get 'stuck' on course?
- Have you ever found yourself doing one type of cross when you meant to do another?
- Do you have a young dog who is learning with you and need to get good at the moves from the outset?

This is the easy way for you to improve by making your handling more effortless – so all your concentration can be on your connection with your dog and your timing.

Different approaches are discussed and Bonny’s guidance is flexible – designed to improve your current ability rather than compel you to handle one way only.

So don't wait for your next class or lesson; fast-track your learning now. Tomorrow's dreams are made today.


£34.99 - Don't Think, Do!

After purchase, you'll receive details so you can get the video via your email. If you need these sent to an account other than the one associated with your PayPal address, get in touch.