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Strength for Agility Handlers

Ever feel like you aren't quick enough for your dog? If you want to learn how to be faster, fitter and stronger to give your dog the best of you – this is the place to start. Nicky Grant (ACPAT physio) and Duncan Bawler (S&C coach) introduce key fitness concepts which specifically relate to you as an agility handler. You will learn:

  • how your body can be more efficient
  • how to be better prepared for the demands of running agility sequences
  • and how you can be less prone to injury

You will get over 45 minutes of high definition footage which you will get immediately be able towatch on your phone, laptop and tablet wherever and whenever suits. 

You will discover key fitness concepts including flexibility tests, ladder drills to improve footwork and coordination and specific exercises to improve lower limb, upper limb and core strength. This all culminates in two high intensity workouts you can do at home in your own time with minimal space and minimal equipment. 

There are exercises appropriate for every level of ability, with alternative options and exercises. There is something for everyone!

Using these conditioning principles, you will be one big step closer to your winning runs...

What you need:

  • Dumbells / weights / bean cans / any weighted object
  • Foam roller or a rolled-up towel
  • An exercise band or theraband or something stretchy such as a pair of tights!
  • A wall or raised surface (if getting on and off the floor is tricky for you)
  • Your game face!

£19.99 - Strength for Agility Handlers

After you've ordered, you'll be sent the access to your video. This will go to the email address associated with your PayPal account, unless you get in touch with a different address.

Be a Faster Handler