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Compete with Success - Going from Training to Competition

It's so important to get the transition from training to competition right!

This is the key to having a happy dog in the ring.

I go into precise detail here of exactly what I do with my own dogs to make sure they become at ease in a competition environment. Not too aroused. Not unfocused. These are the things I do to have keen, calm dogs in competition, whether it's a local show or Crufts.

In over an hour of video which you can watch on your phone/laptop/tablet I'll talk and walk you through what to do with your dog before and during competitions to help you produce a happy, confident dog in the ring. 

There are lots of clear exercises for you to follow with your dog, and all the whys are explained too - plus I describe how to approach different types of dogs differently. 

Join me now!

Have a Happy Dog in the Ring, for just £38.99