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Some Customer Comments

Wow - that was a pretty inspirational talk this evening.  It was motivational and also very insightful into what a caring trainer you are. 

I learnt a lot from watching and listening to the instruction you were giving to the others and hopefully will be able to join another training session when I'm back on my legs in the future. Many thanks once again.

I have done agility for a very long time (30 years - gulp) and that was honestly the best lesson I have ever had.

Thank you very much for both your sessions yesterday ... as in the previous sessions with you I not only enjoy the way you teach but found them very valuable & learned a lot to take home & practice (just drawn out your course & written all the improvements I can remember to practice ... lots!).

Following your training last Sunday, where I wanted to make up 3 seconds as we were getting 2nds but no wins. Today he won the agility and is now grade 5!! Thanks, really made a difference.  

I look forward to the next time you teach us.

Fun, informative and motivational. When I walked that course first thing this morning I really didn’t think we would get round but my little princess really surprised me and we achieved so much.

I genuinely wouldn't be here without your advice and suggestions.  Thank you sooooo soooooo much.  

Loved every minute, thankyou both so much, I got so much out of it, still buzzing!

Really enjoyed Bonny’s training and we all had a laugh too. Can’t be bad. Bonny is lovely and great at explaining stuff and patient!! 

Just wanted to say how much i LOVED today's training.  Best day I've had in ages.  Bonny was brilliant and I have soooo much information to take away with me and homework to do.  If you ever secure her again I would really appreciate being considered for the class again.  I'm still buzzing!!!! xxx

We both learnt so much but also realised that we have just touched the surface. We are willing to learn and with such fabulous teachers and friends I am sure we can at least give it ago.

Love, love, loved it! Can't wait for the next one.


"Hi! I'm Bonny. I've been training in agility for yonks, but stay fresh and competitive because evolving is fun! My dogs have won 14 CCs and lots of RCCs, plus we've represented GB, the UK and England abroad, including as team captains multiple times. We've even been lucky enough to win medals internationally, as well as nationally at Crufts and Olympia.

I give training days and other training events, as well as training online. In 2020 Performance Dog commissioned me to write a book, Agility Bible. My aim is to make training fun for you and your dog. I try to communicate well to make the information I can share with you clear, and to empower you. I'm always open to adapting and changing to suit individuals. One size does not fit all in agility."