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Training Days around the UK with Bonny Quick
Fri 16th Aug - South Wales - Kayleigh Gulliford & Lyn Caldicott
Thu 22nd Aug - Wye Valley - Connie Sellers

Thu 29th Aug - Dorset - Gill James
Mon 2nd Sep to Thu 5th Sep - Unite Camp, Weston Super Mare - Lucie Hinchley
Fri 20th Sep - Wales - Aimee Kerton

Thu 26th Sep - Dorset - Gill James
Sun 27th Oct - Worcester - Julia MacLean
Thu 31 Oct - Worcester - Laura Bentley
Sat 2nd Nov - Kelly Menear - Cornwall

Thu 7th Nov - Dorset - Gill James
Sat 16th Nov - Gloucester - Michelle Waugh

Sun 17th Nov - Worcester - Tanya Harper
Sun 24th Nov - Dartmoor - Georgina Davies, Canine Capers
Sun 8th Dec - Worcester - Alison Naylor
Sat 4th Jan - Kelly Menear - Cornwall
Sat 11th Jan - Worcester - Julia MacLean
Sun 12th Jan - Wye Valley - Ruth Greenhill
Sun 19th Jan - Gloucester - Michelle Waugh
Sat 25th Jan - Worcester - Alison Naylor
Sun 15th Mar - Worcester - Tanya Harper
Wed 10th Jun - Devon - Kathryn Stickney

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​Thursdays - Champ Class (Grades 6,7), Youngsters, Grades 1-3
​Saturdays - Beginners, Youngsters


1-1 Private Lessons
To book a 1-1, choose from the following dates and times, and then complete the booking form below...

Sat 20 July 3.30-4.30, 4.30-5.30
Thu 25 July 11.30-12.30
Sat 27 July 3.15-4.15, 4.15-5.15

Thu 1 Aug 10.30-11.30
Sat 3 Aug 3.30-4.30, 4.30-5.30
Thu 8 Aug 10.30-11.30, 12.30-1.30
Sat 10 Aug 1.15-2.15, 2.15-3.15, 3.15-4.15
Thu 15 Aug 10.30-11.30, 11.30-12.30
Thu 22 Aug 11.30-12.30, 12.30-1.30
Sat 24 Aug 1.15-2.15, 2.15-3.15


Book 1-to-1s

Kim says: "I own two border collies, Buzz & Lyla, and have been training and competing in dog agility for 7 years... 



...My dogs currently compete in Grade 6 and Grade 7 at Kennel Club and Senior and Champ at UKA.

I have 4 years of experience as an agility instructor and have worked with a large variety of partnerships and breeds, as well as with all levels of experience and ability. 

For me, it is important for an instructor to understand that every dog and handler partnership is individual, and that there isn’t a ‘one way fits all’ approach to this sport.

I aim to be open minded, flexible and innovative in my approach. Above all else, I try to make sure that time spent training your dog is fun, rewarding for both you and your dog, and puts a smile on your face."