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Young Dog Sequencing

Want to get your youngster 100% competition-ready? This is a comprehensive workbook of over 75 sequences. Follow them and your dog will be confident to face all the challenges he’ll find in the ring.

No more suddenly remembering your dog has never seen a tunnel under a dog walk before! No more realising too late that you’ve never taught your dog to do a blind out of a serpentine! Or to run past a tempting off-course tunnel entry! Or to deal with you doing a sharp rear cross behind the dog walk!

These sequences are like a checklist of exercises, making sure you’ve got all bases covered for competition!

You can use this workbook step-by-step, following along as the sequences progress. Alternatively, dive in and out – the choice is yours!

Inside the workbook you’ll get over 75 different sequences, separated into themes. There are sequences for fantastic, reliable running and stopped contacts. Ones for sensational serpentines & great Germans. Plus sequences to get you both blazing at blind crosses. More for stunning weave entries. And we've got amazing push rounds and wing wraps covered. And loads more besides!

But to find out what else is waiting for you, you’ll have to get hold of a copy!

Many of the exercises in this workbook can be done with just 4 jumps and a tunnel. Those ones are easy to set up in your back garden or on the fly, without much effort. But there are longer sequences too, of 20 obstacles and more, for full course inspiration and lengthier challenges!

Ready for you in PDF form - as soon as you buy your copy, the workbook will be sent to your e-mail. Check it out on your computer, tablet or phone. So you can take it anywhere with you to access anytime.

One customer said: "This workbook is certainly up there with the very best... I love the way it includes sequences for all the major handling techniques. It will be so useful for my young dog, my classes and for refreshing the skills of my championship dog. The best resource I have purchased in a long time."

£24.99 - Young Dog Sequencing

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