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Jump Skills 2

Jump Skills 2 is a 10 week jump skill course with me, delivered via a Facebook group.  

This course is only open to those who have completed Jump Skills 1! If you liked Jump Skills 1, you'll love Jump Skills 2. 

To take part, you need 3 jumps and a dog. And that is it. Oooo and if you have a tunnel, great! But you don't have to have one; it's optional. 

In Jump Skills 2 we take the skills you learned in the first Jump Skills module and proof them to the max, adding in hardcore discrimination and some sequencing, plus another skill or two along the way.

Jump Skills 2 will take your jump work to a whole new level. You've just got to be ready to put in the effort, for dog's sake! I know you can do it.  

I will make sure you are challenged, you can count on that!

During the 10 weeks, you have the option to post your videos in the group for feedback - which I will provide you within 48hrs.

Massive BONUS - Videos are available to watch in the group for 6 months after the completion of the course!

It is £99 for the full 10 week course (which works out as just £9.90 per week.) Use the button below to pay, then send over your info below too. 


"Hi! I'm Bonny. I've been training in agility for yonks, but stay fresh and competitive because evolving is fun! My dogs have won 14 CCs and lots of RCCs, plus we've represented GB, the UK and England abroad, including as team captains multiple times. We've even been lucky enough to win medals internationally, as well as nationally at Crufts and Olympia.

I give training days and other training events, as well as training online.  In 2020 Performance Dog commissioned me to write a book, Agility Bible. My aim is to make training fun for you and your dog. I try to communicate well to make the information I can share with you clear, and to empower you to be your best. I'm always open to adapting and changing to suit individuals. One size does not fit all in agility."