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Online 121

An online 121 with Bonny Quick

  • For you and your dog - whatever your level 
  • A structured approach
  • Progress from home
  • Clear, easy-to-follow guidance from a highly experienced trainer and competitor
  • Quick help fixing issues



Bonny will contact you with your 121 via Facebook PM or E-mail. If you want to send video footage (of up to 5mins) to accompany your submission, please do so via Facebook PM.

Just fill out the quick form above, then pay through the PayPal link below. Done! 

Within 48 hours, a 121 lesson designed just for you, will be delivered. Your 121 may be in text, pdf or video format.

Customer Reviews

Just wanted to say how much I bloody loved today’s lesson!

You manage to make the skills seem so accessible that even I have come away thinking that if I put the hours in, anything is possible.  Thank you!

He is happier now than he ever has been. It's down to you sending me to Nicky and finding his bad knees. I'm so thankful for that, his happiness is paramount to me.

We are both learning so much through these.

You picked up she was not jumping right tucking her back legs up. I took her to see someone and her lower back is totally jammed up and she is not extending. So she is on a plan of hydro and treatments etc. If I had carried on with agility etc hate to think what the outcome would be.I want to message to say thank you for being passionate about agility and caring about my dog as much as I do. 

"Hi! I'm Bonny. I've been training in agility for yonks, but stay fresh and competitive because evolving is fun! My dogs have won 13 CCs and lots of RCCs, plus we've represented GB, the UK and England abroad, including as team captains multiple times. We've even been lucky enough to win medals internationally, as well as nationally at Crufts and Olympia.

I give training days and other training events, as well as training online.  In 2020 Performance Dog commissioned me to write a book, Agility Bible. My aim is to make training fun for you and your dog. I try to communicate well to make the information I can share with you clear, and to empower you to be your best. I'm always open to adapting and changing to suit individuals. One size does not fit all in agility."